Investing in Ontario Companies and Job Creation


EXEL invests in small to medium sized local businesses, primarily in high-tech. However, it also believes in the importance of healthy manufacturing companies in Canada.

To date, EXEL has provided funding and advice to three small high-tech companies:  Pleora Technologies, based in Kanata ON; Huron Digital Pathology, based in Waterloo ON; and Primal Fusion, based in Waterloo ON. On January 1, 2021 EXEL acquired a custom metal fabrication and machining company, BSG Inc. based in Kitchener, ON.

Ball Service Group Inc. (BSG):

Since its inception in 1987, BSG Inc. produces an extensive range of high-quality custom metal fabrications. Some of the markets served by BSG include automotive, construction, and industrial process equipment manufacturing.

For details, please visit BSG Inc.

Announcement of Acquisition.

Pleora Technologies:

This successful company, located in the Ottawa area, is a global leader in hardware and software E Vision for industrial OEM’s.

For details, please visit Pleora Technologies.

Huron Digital Pathology:

This is a young company in Waterloo, Ontario that designs, develops and sells digital pathology imaging equipment used for cancer research.

For details, please visit Huron Digital Pathology.

Huron Digital Pathology in recent news.

Primal Fusion:

Primal is also in Waterloo. They are a software company which develops and sells a software engine and other software tools to efficiently manage public data. This product can automatically organize web information based on the user’s defined interests.

For details, please visit Primal Fusion.

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