About EXEL Research


EXEL Research Inc. is a family-owned and operated company. It was founded in September 1984
by Dr. Savvas Chamberlain. The head office of EXEL is in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

EXEL carries out business in three areas. It invests in small to medium sized local businesses, primarily in high-tech. However, it also believes in the importance of healthy manufacturing companies in Ontario and Canada, manages vacation and commercial rental properties and also manages investment portfolios.

The company’s vacation rental properties are located in two areas: Marco Island, Florida (US) and
in Blair’s Grove in Bruce County, Ontario, on the beaches of Lake Huron.

EXEL’s investment portfolios include investments in both small high-tech companies and in blue-chip
large-capitalization international companies. Some of the small high-tech companies include
Pleora Technologies, Huron Digital Pathology and Primal Fusion. EXEL has also invested in a custom metal fabrication and machining company Ball Service Group Inc.

EXEL was the founding investor in DALSA Corporation (now Teledyne DALSA)
in 1985. With the leadership of the founder Savvas Chamberlain as CEO and Chairman, DALSA Corp
became a leading high-tech international company with 1,100 employees and with more than $250 million
annual revenue. On February 12, 2011, DALSA was acquired by Teledyne.

Mission Statement

We shall always use our best efforts to manage the assets of EXEL Research Inc efficiently, fairly and
consistent with our family values. Some of these values encompass fairness, respect and the integrity of
our employees. These values also extend to our customers, to our vendors and to all those with whom
EXEL interacts and carries out business world-wide.

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